patient lifts


To be used with the patient lifts and sit-to-stands. they come in different styles: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Full body sling with/without commode opening; 2. Divided leg sling; 3. Standing sling; 4. Transfer sling; 5. Toileting sling

Starting @ $129.95 and up


Ideal for users who need rehabilitation support or can bear partial-weight. This lift offers safety, comfort, and stability for both users and caregivers. Innovative adjustment features allow this lift to adapt to a variety of body sizes and shapes. Comes in hydraulic and battery-powered.

Starting @ $1295.00

Electric Patient Lift

The Invacare Reliant 450 Battery-Powered Lift with Power-Opening Low Base supports up to 450 lb. and its 4.5" under the bed clearance allows easy access for transfers, making them smoother for user and caregiver. Includes two 24V batteries and charging station to reduce downtime.

Starting @ $2395.00

Manual Patient Lift

The lightweight construction of the Invacare Painted Hydraulic Lift allows it to be easily disassembled, transported and set up. Users are able to be rotated 360-degrees without swaying side-to-side and low-friction casters make rolling the lift easier.

Starting @ $795.00


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