Bath Safety

3-in-1 Bedside Commode

Bedside commode can also be placed over your own commode as a seat riser with the adjustable height. (Heavy Duty also available)

Starting at $59.95 and up

Grab Bars--Mount

Locate grab bars at any angle in the bathroom to help prevent falls. Knurled-texture (chrome only) steel bars are easy to grip even in wet bathing areas. The maximum recommended weight is 300 pounds. Available in white or chrome. Available in 12", 16", 18", 24" and 32" lengths.

Starting at $15.95 for 12"

Grab Bars--Suction Cup

Easily add more stability and balance in your bathroom and/or shower with this contemporary looking grab bar. Powerful suction cups hold the grab bar to most non-porous surfaces. No tools required! Visual indicator lets you know if the grab bar is successfully installed. Green indicates a secure seal. Simply attach and reattach woth the flip of a lever. Easily move and adjust with levers. The grab bar resists the growth of harmful germs, molds, odors, E.coli and staph with the power of a unique blend of natural antimicrobials, effective for the life of the product. Available in 4", 12" and 16" lengths.

Starting at $16.95 for 4"

Shower Chairs

We offer a simple round stool, simple bench, bench with arms, bench with back, or a bench with arms and a back (heavy duty also available).

Starting at $39.95 and up depending on style

Shower Transfer Benches

Allows the patient to sit safely on the bench outside the bathtub and then slide across the bench into the tub, heavy duty also available.

Starting at $89.95 and up (Pictured is $249.95)

Toilet Risers

Available in 3-1/2" and 5" height, fits elongated and/or standard commodes.

Starting at $35.95 and up, depending on style

Toilet Safety Rails

Freestanding or mountable toilet rails for added security.

Starting at $44.95 and up (Pictured is $49.95)


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